Mediterranean soul

Behind an excellent paella, there is always an authentic paella maker. Ours is called Alejandro Velazquez. A well known Valencian chef based on the island of Ibiza since 2016, founder of Sa Paella Club, the first catering business on the island specialising in authentic paellas and typical Mediterranean food.

It’s been 4 emotional and intense years, where we have defined the authentic mediterranean cuisine with our own personal touch while completely respecting our environment and creating our recipes based on the local produce that this wonderful island offers.

Our rice dishes take a twist on the famous Valencian paella while respecting its authenticity and traditional creation , but with a few tweaks to make them even more fresh and vibrant.


Because of this we were able to successfully work with large brands like Kawasaki in the world cup of super-bikes and work with them internationally as their hospitality managers.

So one day we asked our: Why not make it possible for the whole world to enjoy an authentic mediterranean rice dish? And whats better? Why not take that experience to any remote part of the island? This is where Paella Delivers was born. The first business that allows you to enjoy a traditional mediterranean menu with good company in just one click or a phone call wherever you might be. Be it on the beach, underneath the shade of a pine tree or on your exclusive private terrace. It’s that easy!

We look forward to seeing you soon, foodie friend!

Amor por la paella