Paella Brunch Kit 10 Pack

300,00 (IVA incl.)

Choose 1 paella (whichever one you like), 3 salad, 4 bottles of wine and a 2L tub of ice cream and we will include complimentary ecological plates, cutlery and serviettes.

The best all in one!

Free Delivery!

We don't charge you for the delivery or ask for a down payment! And you get to keep the Paella!

We know how is to be in Ibiza!

We have come with this pack, so you may have everything sorted out… without worrying about anything else!

Do you want to have nice lunch with your friends at the beach? …We can delivery it to your favorite beach!

You went out last night and now you are hungover and don’t want to think about what to eat? We can solve that for you!

Are you on holidays and you don’t want to move a finger? … We got you covered!

Ask for one of our packs… and relax!

Pack Paella Delivers