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5 años de experiencia

Love for paella

We are part of Sa Paella Club Ibiza, the most popular catering business on Ibiza specialising in mediterranean recipes. A whole life creating authentic rice dishes!

Tenemos el mejor helado

It’s not only about the rice

If what you want is to rise to the gourmet podium, complete your paella experience with an exquisite artisanal ice-cream by the famous brand, Jijonenca®!


Paella de marisco

Seafood Paella

Classic seafood paella with large prawns, red prawns, crab legs mussels, cuttlefish and clams.


Arroz vegano con crudités

Vegan paella

Made with organic local vegetables, our secret ginger sofrito and topped with crudités, 100% vegan.


Paella valenciana

Valencian Paella

The original paella recipe: chicken, rabbit, flat green beans, artichokes and butter beans.


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